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Free Game: BusinessWorld

The variant type video poker, slot game flipper, monopoly.

It is a game that blends exciting various models of other games that make it one in its genre.

Pull the lever and try to do at least a pair to glean dollars that will be used to purchase real estate and maintain them.

Video Poker:
When you make a pair or more you will have the opportunity to stop signs which we consider useful for the next launch to block them simply click in the box under each sign.

Whenever a launch will be successful will rise by 1 point indicator of the bonus "+ will" when it will not be successful rise by 1 point indicator bonus"-".

When indicator "+" will come to the end will be increased by the bonus 1, if instead indicator "-" will come to the end bonus will fall of 1

To do maintenance or buying and selling of real estate click from the "avere" menu item "Maintenance and control", from here you can perform maintenance, purchasing, sales if you are short of dollars.

Base rules:

Increasing the game mail also increase payouts multipliers bonus.

After a certain period of time will be inspected to owned real estate surprise if some or all of the latter are not paid, there will be made a fine which may affect the game so much that arrive at the Bank Rotta - game over in some cases.

When a pair will or higher if the sign is located between the including the 5th and 13th including you trigger a bonus skill that is to click at the right image that appears randomly in a pane, of course the image from the click you will find among others.

The image that you have to click is the same as the pair or higher.



Unzip the zip file then launch the executable and follow the instructions.

DownLoad BusinessWorld




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